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EW Series   EC Series

The SAUNAMATIC EW is best installed in a corner of a sauna room (where it takes the least amount of space). The SAUNAMATIC EC is installed in a corner or flat wall of a sauna room. These units are located approximately 3" from the floor and fastened to the walls by means of the mounting brackets. The brackets supplied with the heating units, will secure them the proper distance from the walls.

THE MARK OF QUALITY : Canadian Sauna Sales is a truly Canadian manufacturing company which has been operating successfully since 1969. Our double walls, stainless steel or a baked on red enamel finish is the durable, long lasting quality behind the wall mounted, space saving design.

All Saunamatic stoves are manufactured from high quality stainless steel and are engineered, tested and approved to meet the latest C.S.A. and U.L. standards. Our strengths are quality manufacturing proceedures coupled with excellent delivery and service.
Sauna Stoves : Specifications Data
Model EC-2 EC-3 EC-4 EC-5 EC-50 EC-6 EC-8 EC-80  
  EW-3 EW-4 EW-5 EW-50 EW-6 EW-8 EW-80 EW-9
 Capacity (KW) 2 3 4 4.5 5 6 7.5 8 9
 Voltage 208
 1 Phase
10 15 20 22 24 29 36 39 43
 Voltage 240
 3 Phase
- - - - 12 15 18 20 22
 Amps. 208
 3 Phase
- - - - 14 17 21 23 25
 Amps. 240
 1 Phase
9 13 17 19 21 25 31 34 38
 Min. Room
 Volume(cu. Ft.)
80 110 120 130 140 200/225 234 234 234
 Max. Room
 Volume(cu. Ft.)
100 150 200 225 250 300 375 400 450
EW Series   EC Series
  When ordering, make sure to state voltage and single or 3 phase.
  Special remote controls and the correct amount of rocks are supplied with each unit.
  Local Hydro rules are to be adhered to in the connection and installation of all wiring.
All Saunamatic stoves are available with an optional upgraded Rock Tray including a built-in Vaporizer Cavity to allow a greater moisture content in the sauna room. When ordering, add "VRT" to the product number.
  Digital Timer Controls are also an optional extra.
  Commercial applications, contact our sales desk.
Guarantee :
Canadian Sauna Sales Limited guarantees this Saunamatic® unit to be free from defects in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year (commercial) and (5) years (residential) from date of purchase. This warranty does not, however, include repairs or replacements required due to misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, damage during shipping, or any damage resulting from alteration or attempted repair by any other person other than service technicians authorized by Canadian Sauna Sales Limited.
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