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Installation Instruction for : SAUNAMATIC EW / EC heating units
SAUNAMATIC EW is installed in the corner of the Sauna Room by means of two mounting brackets. SAUNAMATIC EC is installed in the corner or a flat wall of the Sauna Room by means of two mounting brackets. (See illustrations). The units should be placed 3 inches (minimum) from the floor, and not closer than 45" to the ceiling.
Lift the unit 3 inches (minimum) from the floor, hold it against the corner and mark the locations for the mounting screws. Detach brackets from the unit and fasten them onto the wall with 1 ½ " mounting screws supplied. Be sure that the mounting screws are fastened not only through the soft wood lining of the sauna room but also into a solid piece of strapping, 2" x 4" etc., to hold the weight of the unit (approximately 50 lbs with the rocks).
Hang the unit back on the brackets and fix the lock screws. Now remove the Terminal Box and perform the electrical hook up.
CAUTION : This work should be done by a Qualified Electrician ... Replace the box cover.
The Control Box is mounted onto the outside wall of the Sauna Room, preferably beside the door. The thermostat Sensor Bulb only is located inside the Sauna Room and is to be mounted under the ceiling centrally above the SAUNAMATIC Stove.
For electrical hook up follow the wiring diagram. This work should be done by a Licensed Electrician only.

Do not install a Showerhead or water spraying device above the Heating unit.

All wiring to the SAUNAMATIC and accessories must be routed away from any direct radiation from the SAUNAMATIC Heating unit, and be made with liquid tight conduit.
SAUNA ROCKS : After installation of the SAUNAMATIC Heating unit place all the igneous Sauna rocks which are supplied into the rock tray cavity.
CAUTION : This unit must not be operated without the rocks in place .
HEATER GUARD : A non metallic Guard shall be provided and located not closer than 4" from the SAUNAMATIC Stove.
The Guard is simply made by talking 2 x 4 x 46" long and mitering the two ends of the narrow side of the 2 x 4 to a 45º angle. (See illustration)
It is necessary to protect the capillary tube from being kinked or subjected to pressure or impact.

Do not install a receptacle inside the room. Do not install any locking or latching devices on this room.

CAUTION : If the manually-resettable Temperature- limiting Control trips frequently, a Qualified Service Technician should be contacted.
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